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About Face Design Team is home to Orlando’s best makeup artists and production is what we know best! Experience, reliability, and overall professionalism makes us your number one choice. Booking is quick and efficient. Your choice: call our studio 407-647-2700 or email Our office is staffed Monday – Friday 9 – 4 and every job you book will have an emergency back-up stylist in place. AFDT’s production makeup artists are also skilled hairstylists…because we live our lives in HD!

Orlando production makeup artists

Our vast experience working with many celebrities together with proper crew etiquette makes us the number one choice when hiring Orlando production makeup artists. We’re booked over and over again for our professional and positive attitude on set and our ability to work well with anyone, anywhere.

Each and every Orlando production makeup artist on our team is highly skilled in creating a wide variety of makeup looks – from very natural to polished and professional to highly dramatic. All have been trained to keep their eye on the monitor throughout your production.

Our dedication and meticulous approach to our art guarantees your talent will look fresh from the first shot, throughout the day, and until the director calls “WRAP!”

AFDT’s production client list includes:

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Our On Location Rates are available by clicking the link above. If you need a quote customized for your specific production, please call 407-647-2700 or email and we will provide it without delay!