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idressLights!  Camera!  Action!  Our makeup artists for Film HDTV Events have the expert skills needed for today’s higher resolution and unforgiving high-def picture quality. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or airbrush production key makeup artist or assistant makeup artist, our stylists are ultra-precise – consistently creating a clean, color-correct and lightweight look that stands up to high-def scrutiny.

Producing film hdtv events in Orlando? The About Face Design Team professionals will pass Security Clearance for VIP Clients such as Presidents, Actors, Entertainers, Politicians, Athletes, Fortune 500 CEO’s and more.  As Orlando’s best makeup artists, we often provide discrete, private, and respectful communications with celebrities and other high-profile clients.

Our professional makeup artists are highly trained in the specific makeup application and color balancing techniques needed for RED camera as well as blue screen and green screen shooting.

Hire About Face Design Team for FILM HDTV EVENTS including:

  • RED Camera
  • Blue/Green Screen
  • Reality Shows
  • Commercials
  • Corporate Videos
  • Corporate Events
  • Documentaries
  • Infomercials
  • Post Operative Videos
  • Beauty Pageants

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