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Black Owned Elearning Company

Black Owned Elearning Company

Liam Crest strives to help eLearning programs overcome barriers to creating excellent content. As a black owned eLearning company, we are in tune with some of the most vulnerable parts of our society and aim to create the software, training, and funding for your project.

What is wrong with eLearning?

The Internet makes learning incredibly easy. Despite the potential, there are many issues with eLearning including:

  • A lack of interactive projects, videos, and content
  • A lack of incorporation of content with lessons that could engage students
  • Lack of training on platforms and their usefulness
  • Isolation of students from teachers and each other
  • Barriers to technology among certain communities and income levels

Liam Crest strives to break down barrier by making inclusivity a key part of learning. We help you gain the funding you need to provide opportunities for all students while building content that captivates your audience. Whether teaching youth or adults, memorization can only get your pupils so far.

Issues with racial diversity in EdTech

Internet learning is booming with the current crisis. Unfortunately, not everyone receives the same access to resources. African Americans, Hispanics, and the poor are constantly at a disadvantage.

We focus on bringing racial diversity to educational programs while helping everyone overcome the financial burdens. Minority scholarships, training, and grants get programs on their feet to serve the entire community.

How can we overcome barriers to eLearning?

Racial disparity in eLearning is a major problem. Bringing diversity in hiring and an understanding of how to work in these environments is a key to success.

We take on gender and cultural issues in our training. Our web design tackles systemic and cultural issues. Courses are backed by use cases and scenarios to help ingrain our curriculum and goals.

Interactive training

Liam Crest believes that interactive training is among the best way to help people learn how to train others. An approach that combines hearing, seeing, and doing provides the most beneficial training aid.

Students remember 50 percent more content when performing an action than when merely reading. Collaboration leads to a retention of 70 percent. Merely reading course material results in only 10 percent retention. By focusing on every aspect of our training, we help your teachers and employees thrive.

Designing for a racial diversity

Designing courses for racial inclusivity means focusing on broader cultural aspects. Liam Crest uses a holistic, culturally driven approach to graphic design and development.

This allows our clients to cater to every member of their audience. An inclusive approach engenders trust among everyone. Learn how to engage everyone in your course and stray away from a racial and gender divide.

Inclusive eLearning companies

Liam Crest is among the fastest-growing black-owned eLearning companies. We bring diversity to the table for Internet-based learning as a black owned eLearning company. There are many issues with eLearning that still need to be tackled and we aim to jump one of the largest divides to education.

Receive the training you need to reach your entire audience with Liam Crest. Give us a call at 312-801-0900 today.

Black Owned Elearning Company

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Black Owned Elearning Company