Orlando On Location Hair and Makeup Artist

Orlando On Location Hair and Makeup Artist

Video production crews have a wide range of resources, depending on the type of shoot involved. Various skill sets are considered when assembling a video production crew. Leaving behind a specific crew member could have a significant impact on the video.

Mostly, make-up artists make up the list of the most overlooked crew position when shooting videos. Many end up saying ‘we don’t need a make-up artist, our employees look stunning every day.’ Of course, Yes! They do. But, the big question remains, ‘have your employees ever been on camera?’    

Defining Our Make-up Artist Role

There are lots of activities carried out at video shooting locations that determine the success of the video shoot. They include checking audio, positioning the camera, going over scripts, and many more. With much energy invested in these tasks during the setup, it leaves limited or no time to ensure the talent looks good as possible. And there are few things the eyes can’t pick up that the camera does like chapped lips, sweat, shine on nose, shine on forehead, and uncombed hair.

Our Orlando on location hair and makeup artists" href="https://aboutfacedesignteam.com/">Orlando on location hair and makeup artists are not just people who can apply powder. They are trained professional with vast knowledge in applying make-up for high-definition video.   

During setup, we would continue with making the talent’s hair and make-up. And also, we’ll continue to prep the next talent as shooting commences, to make sure the shoot and entire production keep moving. 

Why Should You Hire a Professional Corporate Make-up?

Almost everyone knows tricks and tips to apply casual make-up, but hiring a professional make-up artist is vital to keep you confident for your corporate event such as an online webinar, ad video shoot, and so on. Only an artful eye can see the potential and beauty in each face. Professional make-up artists aren’t only trained to apply flawless make-up, but to also make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process while they create a gorgeous make-up style that will transcend time. 

Professional make-up artists are experienced and know what factors can affect your look. As we know, make-up for headshots and video shoots are different from our everyday make-up. Sometimes, you find out that a presenter isn’t looking fabulous while presenting, maybe due to shiny or uneven skin, or his/her eyes weren’t carrying that pop. It could most likely be an error on the part of who applied the make-up, as a result of lesser knowledge about applying make-up suitable for such an event.

More so, a pro’s kit can never be compared to yours. They know what product to use, their exact application, and in the right proportion, to ensure a brighter look face-to-face and when you appear on camera. They employ the use of a large variety of products from different lines to achieve a stunning look. Most of these products are waterproof and suitable for HD film, which implies that they will last the entire day, while you still look good and feel extremely natural.

Therefore, if you’re producing a promotional video or a recruitment video in Orlando, consider having a professional Orlando on location hair and makeup artist in your crew, About Face Design Team, is the answer! After all, you wouldn’t want the CEO to appear with a shiny nose or hair out of place. Reach out to us today to learn more about our service (407) 647-2700 or info@aboutfacedesignteam.com

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Orlando On Location Hair and Makeup Artist
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Orlando On Location Hair and Makeup Artist