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A Bridesmaid’s Perspective

Wedding hair and makeup Orlando

Alfond Inn Weddings

The setting was perfect for our wedding day hair and makeup session: a clear, sunny September morning at Winter Park, FL’s luxurious Alfond Inn Hotel. The bride and bridesmaids (including me) were lounging in bed chit-chatting and sipping on delicious dark roast coffee when suddenly it dawned on me that we would be starting our wedding hair and makeup appointments in 15 minutes.

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No one was showered, the steamer was out, and the table for the stylists to work off of was filled with cups, plates, and everything else you could find in an all-girls’ room. I immediately jumped off the bed, frantically put on my custom embroidered fuchsia bridesmaid robe, and started barking orders to clear off all the tables and put the steamer away! The entire time I was cleaning, I wondered to myself: why didn’t I follow the wedding hair wig and makeup instructions that I personally send out to all AFDT brides 10 days prior to their weddings? You see, I am the Scheduling Coordinator for About Face Design Team and also a bridesmaid at my friend Ivy’s wedding.


I almost kicked myself for ignoring my own detailed instructions! I  certainly did not want to have my unpreparedness set the tone for the entire day.

A short while later, we got everything cleared and put away and wouldn’t you know…there is a knock at the door. Our very polished and professional AFDT stylist arrived right at her scheduled time, 8:45 a.m. – sharp. I let her in so that she could get set up and her first comment was, “wow, you guys followed the instructions!” I laughed and told her all about how I really could have messed up our schedule by not being prepared and I also could have ruined our wedding hair and makeup looks by having a steamer running.

Winter Park wedding makeup

Bridal Party Hairstylist Orlando

Fortunately, crisis averted, and everyone’s appointments flowed so smoothly that I didn’t even realize we had finished early.

Our professional wedding hair wigs and makeup looked exquisite and first-look photos started immediately. I was so blown away by the military precision of each vendor’s schedule was and the realization that it all started with the wedding hair and makeup appointment.

If we didn’t carefully follow the detailed guidelines that AFDT provided, every other aspect leading up the ceremony could have run late, ultimately stressing out the bride on one of the most important days of her life.


Alfond Inn wedding hair and makeup

Moral of this story is … READ AFDT’S EMAILS! Every correspondence that About Face Design Team sends you is so important. Take time to read each and every line and share these emails with your bridal party. Doing so will help you have beautiful results, just like my friend.

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