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Kari | January 7, 2015

Beautiful makeup and bridal beauty begin with beautiful skin!

Beautiful makeup begins with beautiful skin!

Portrait by John Unrue

When a client comes to me for her bridal makeup trial run, I can really study what her skin is like and provide advice on how to best prepare for her special day. For your wedding makeup to apply smoothly, there has to be a good foundation for your foundation!

Here are a few simple steps that make a big difference:

  • Exfoliate ~ You can use a simple apricot scrub to get rid of dead cells on the surface of your skin. Also, when you get out of a hot, steamy shower, the heat has opened your pores a bit. This is the perfect opportunity to use your towel (as soon as you get out) to slough off any additional dead skin as you dry your face. It will make your face as soft as a baby’s bottom and provide a smooth surface for your bridal makeup!
  • Moisturize ~ Using a daytime and nighttime moisturizer is one of the most basic things you can do to  keep your skin plump and youthful looking. For your wedding day, make sure there is NO sunscreen (SPF) in it though. Why? When that flash goes off, it will reflect light and make your face look lighter than the rest of your body. We recommend and carry Embryollise in our studio  They are a 60 yr old, natural, pharmaceutical French brand that is often referred to as a “makeup artist’s secret”. Lait-Creme’ Concentre’ Nourishing Moisturizer ~ their most popular product ~ can be used both morning and night as well as on-camera under bridal makeup (there’s no SPF). Quickly relieves dehydrated skin & minimizes the appearance of lines, leaving a radiant and dewy complexion!

  • Brows ~ For your eye makeup to look perfect make sure those brows are groomed and there are no stray hairs. Never tweeze, wax, or thread the day of your ceremony. It’s always best to take care of this several days before. Besides possible redness or rash, waxing can prevent eye shadow from sticking to the skin.

Let me know how I can help you achieve flawless bridal makeup!

Love & Lip gloss,

Kalie ~ Bridal Department Coordinator