Team Member Profile: Nina

Team Member Profile: Nina

Team Member Profile: Nina

Auxilia | May 28, 2018

Meet the girl who makes Orlando’s Best Hair & Makeup happen…

While you are shopping for your hair & makeup company have you ever secretly asked yourself “Is this company really going to care about me even after I sign my contract?” The answer is YES! The owners of About Face Design Team went through what felt like a million applications until they stumbled upon Nina’s application. Her job title says scheduling coordinator, but her attitude says that she will be anything you need her to be at the time!

Here’s a little blurb from her “about me” section of our website:

“Working on her Bachelor’s degree in Communications at University of Central Florida allows Nina to effectively provide the best customer service in the industry! Passionate and dedicated to each and every client she works with, Nina can be trusted to respond quickly and handle a myriad of complicated details and insists on 5 STAR SERVICE every time! Through a series of questions and answers, personality, and concerns, she will hand select the stylist that is just right for you.  Furthermore, Nina is dedicated to making sure you are well taken care of from beginning to end. Because of her first-rate customer service and her warm, friendly and spunky personality, Nina is loved by all who know her and she is affectionately called “Nina Bina.”

Some of Nina’s favorite things about the job!

Lights, Camera, Action!

  1. Unlike some jobs, every day is a new and exciting day at About Face Design Team. Never knowing if a potential client is going to walk through the door and hire you on the spot for hair and makeup, makes every day fun! Unlike most salons, AFDT is unique because the owners, Kari & Gina have literally hired a personal concierge just for you; because, let’s be honest, it is all about YOU! I’ve never experienced a work environment like this until now.
  2. One of my favorite moments is receiving the “inspo hair & makeup look” email from any client to discern who I want to pair them with on their important booking.
  3. I love the connections I make with every. single. client. It is so very important to learn the client’s habits, true needs, likes & dislikes in order to properly schedule them with one of our talented hair and makeup artists
  4. I love the ability to work independently with the trust I get from the owners. I love that they believe in me and that I will always work hard with loyalty, professionalism & integrity.
  5. I love knowing I can help make a difference in someone’s life just by the way I communicate with them!

Its an honor to work with About Face Design Team and it will be an honor to work with you. Call me at 407-647-2700 now or email me directly at Nina@aboutfacedesignteam.com so we can get started now!

Looking forward to getting to know you! See our gallery at www.aboutfacedesignteam.com

Love & Lip Gloss!