Shootout America SPI Convention

Shootout America SPI Convention

Shootout America SPI Convention

Kari | August 9, 2013

Shootout America SPI Convention is a unique event that is held annually. This year, Shootout America was held at a Walt Disney World hotel property, in our own hometown of Orlando. Running from January 28th to February 1st, this four day experience was packed with all the learning opportunities a photographer could ask for!

Shootout America

Experts from all over the United States put on workshops and seminars designed to help participants set themselves apart from the masses. Many of the workshops at Shootout America are driven by hands-on experiences. Photographers immediately use their new knowledge to shoot amazing photos of stunning models. We had the privilege of doing hair and makeup for this exciting event. It was very rewarding to work with all the impressive talent. Our team of master stylists collaborated with beautiful models and skilled photographers to create some beautiful photos.

Take a look!

Shootout America Headshot-Paulo Jordao

Highschool Photography

Photos by Paulo Jordao http://www.4everproductions.com


Photo by Michael Mowbray http://michaelmowbray.com


Photo by Yvette Gioia http://gioiaphotography.com

Want more? Take a look at some behind the scenes action from Shootout America.

*Video provided by the talented Yvette Gioia (http://gioiaphotography.com)