Make the Most of Your Bridal Beauty Experience

Make the Most of Your Bridal Beauty Experience

Make the Most of Your Bridal Beauty Experience

Kari | April 14, 2015

Do you want to make the most of your wedding day bridal beauty experience? Here is how you get your hair to look great & your makeup to last all day!

Like any special occasion, when you are the center of attention & all eyes are on you, you want to look your absolute best! Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. So, what can you do to prepare yourself ahead of time to ensure that your hairstyle will turn out the way you want? And, what can you do ahead of time to make sure your skin will look radiant & your make up will look flawless & last all day? These questions & more will be answered if you are willing to take the advice of a professional hair stylist and makeup artist who knows the bridal beauty “tricks of the trade.”

Gina applying lashes

First things first, ask around & find out from other people who they used for their wedding hair & makeup. Ask your coordinator or someone who is in the wedding business whom they would refer? Then, call that person or company. If you find that one is referred more than any other, it is probably because they are a solid bet. Don’t let price hold you back from booking ~ the way you look in your photos are memories that will last a lifetime. Finally, no matter who you choose, make sure to get a contract guaranteeing services for your wedding date!

Next, if it is in your budget, have a trial run on both your hair & your makeup.  This way, both you & the stylist will know what to expect on the wedding day. Make sure to have pictures of styles that you like so you can show the stylist. Please be aware that most, if not all reputable companies, charge for this service.  You can expect to spend around 2 hours with your stylist achieving your bridal look.  This will provide you incredible peace of mind on your wedding day. It really is a small price to pay for confidence in your stylist for such an important occasion.  With one less thing to worry yourself over, you will want to spend the extra money to have this done & get all the “maybe” ideas out of the way!

LIP Kari styling hair

Finally, really listen to the stylist’s advice in regards to what you need to do on or before the day of the wedding to prepare yourself for hair & makeup.  If you want everything to go smoothly, then let the stylist guide you on what will work best in regards to your hair prep, skin prep, as well as timing.  Remember, your stylist is a professional & will things take things you haven’t even thought of into consideration. The person you hire will want you to have the best experience you can have on the most important day of your life!


So, my suggestion is, if you want to make the most out of your hair styling experience & have long lasting make up for your wedding, then follow the advice of someone who knows better than anyone else, a professional hairstylist & makeup artist whose expertise lies in the area of “bridal beauty.”

Love & Lip Gloss,

Kari Larsen

Founder/Co-owner AFDT