What can YOU do to make your wedding hairstyle last longer?

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What can YOU do to make your wedding hairstyle last longer?

Kari | June 1, 2013

0014Having a beautiful wedding hairstyle that last through your ceremony and reception, and is still amazing by the end of the night, is not just up to your awesome stylist – but to you too!


The condition of your hair when coming to the stylist is so important. We’ve had bride’s that didn’t properly understand this and from their trial (not knowing what to do) to their actual wedding day (knowing what to do), notice a huge difference in how long their curls or hairstyle lasts!


Do you want to know some of our secrets to making your wedding hairstyle last? What is it that you should NOT do?

1. Straighten your hair. Coming to the stylist with previously straightened hair is one of the hardest things for us to work against. The curl does not hold and there is no movement in the hair to work with. Your hair is stiff and the pins won’t stay as secure.

2. Use any serums or silicone based anti-frizz products. This makes curls fall out and weighs the hair down.

What CAN you do to properly prep your hair before your big day?

1. Use a good clarifying shampoo. This gets rid of any buildup that might be on your hair that could weigh your hair down.

2. Before blow-drying, on damp hair, use mousse. Layering products on the hair is always an advantage.

These little things can make a big difference! Keep them in mind when your special day comes and your stylist and hair will love you! Or vise-versa!