On Set Pro™ Image Solution

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On Set Pro™ – it’s who we are & what we use!

Whether you need a polished look for HDTV, media publication, public speaking, or your wedding let About Face Design Team’s On Set Pro™ be your image solution! 


We often have the privilege of working with the anchors of WFTV Channel 9 Orlando – not only providing on set hair and makeup/image solutions for promo shoots, but we provide On Set Pro™ Makeup for many of their talent kits. 

Here’s what they have to say:

“About Face Design Team is amazing! They are the best makeup artists I have ever used in my 17-year career. Their employees are kind, professional, and make you look flawless! I have been using their makeup products for years and will continue to do so. The customer service can’t be beat. The ladies are extremely helpful and always available.” Vanessa Welch/WFXT FOX 25 Anchor

Orlando Production MUA

Recently, Barbara Corcoran (a real estate mogul most recently starring in ABC’s Shark Tank) contacted us for professional hair and makeup for her Orlando speaking engagements. Here she is with Kari Larsen, wearing On Set Pro™ Makeup. 

beautiful prom dresses

But don’t take it from us…

“I’ve been working with the About Face Design Team for about a year now and would highly recommend them for your next production.  They understand demanding schedules, work with each on-camera talent to bring out the best look, and do it all with a great attitude.  I’d put About Face Design Team up against anyone I’ve worked with in New York or Miami.  Get them on board your next production!” Jim Clark/Production Manager

Let About Face Design Team’s On Set Pro™ makeup artists help create the perfect image solution for you! Call our studio at 407-647-2700 and we will make it happen – hassle-free! If email is more convenient, send us a note at studio@aboutfacedesignteam.com.

Wedding Hair and Makeup

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A Bridesmaid’s Perspective

Wedding hair and makeup Orlando

Alfond Inn Weddings

The setting was perfect for our wedding day hair and makeup session: a clear, sunny September morning at Winter Park, FL’s luxurious Alfond Inn Hotel. The bride and bridesmaids (including me) were lounging in bed chit-chatting and sipping on delicious dark roast coffee when suddenly it dawned on me that we would be starting our wedding hair and makeup appointments in 15 minutes.

lace front wigs

No one was showered, the steamer was out, and the table for the stylists to work off of was filled with cups, plates, and everything else you could find in an all-girls’ room. I immediately jumped off the bed, frantically put on my custom embroidered fuchsia bridesmaid robe, and started barking orders to clear off all the tables and put the steamer away! The entire time I was cleaning, I wondered to myself: why didn’t I follow the wedding hair wig and makeup instructions that I personally send out to all AFDT brides 10 days prior to their weddings? You see, I am the Scheduling Coordinator for About Face Design Team and also a bridesmaid at my friend Ivy’s wedding.


I almost kicked myself for ignoring my own detailed instructions! I  certainly did not want to have my unpreparedness set the tone for the entire day.

A short while later, we got everything cleared and put away and wouldn’t you know…there is a knock at the door. Our very polished and professional AFDT stylist arrived right at her scheduled time, 8:45 a.m. – sharp. I let her in so that she could get set up and her first comment was, “wow, you guys followed the instructions!” I laughed and told her all about how I really could have messed up our schedule by not being prepared and I also could have ruined our wedding hair and makeup looks by having a steamer running.

Winter Park wedding makeup

Bridal Party Hairstylist Orlando

Fortunately, crisis averted, and everyone’s appointments flowed so smoothly that I didn’t even realize we had finished early.

Our professional wedding hair wigs and makeup looked exquisite and first-look photos started immediately. I was so blown away by the military precision of each vendor’s schedule was and the realization that it all started with the wedding hair and makeup appointment.

If we didn’t carefully follow the detailed guidelines that AFDT provided, every other aspect leading up the ceremony could have run late, ultimately stressing out the bride on one of the most important days of her life.


Alfond Inn wedding hair and makeup

Moral of this story is … READ AFDT’S EMAILS! Every correspondence that About Face Design Team sends you is so important. Take time to read each and every line and share these emails with your bridal party. Doing so will help you have beautiful results, just like my friend.

Love & Lip Gloss,



Professional photography by: InStyledress Imagery

HDTV Production

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Professional hair and makeup for HDTV production is what AFDT excels at and working with the on-air talent of Channel 9 Eyewitness News is one of our most rewarding long-term relationships to date.

TV Anchor Makeup WFTV Jorge EstevezHere’s AFDT lead makeup artist Ashlynn working with WFTV’s Anchor Jorge Estevez before he sits for some promo shots.

WFTV Martie Salt loves On Set Pro MakeupHere’s Anchor Martie Salt – she has called Orlando’s leading news WFTV Channel 9 “home” for the last 20 years. Martie is an unwavering professional and a huge asset to the Central Florida community as well. Have we mentioned her tremendous sense of humor?

WFTV Nancy Alvarez promo shoot TV MUANancy Alvarez is another devotee’ of AFDT’s professional hair and makeup services, as well as the pro makeup line. Here she is voguing for the monitor. Both of Vanessa and Nancy do an amazing job of juggling demanding careers and raising young children.

Kari Larsen with WFTV Jamie Holmes

The guys may not love to have their makeup done but at least they have learned to hold still!

Orlando Production Makeup Artists On Set

On Location with Vanessa WelchWe will truly miss working so closely with rising-star Anchor Vanessa Welch as she heads to major-market Boston to work with FOX25. Not only have we been respected her strong journalism skills, we have also admired her ability to juggle family and career. We are proud to share that both Martie and Vanessa are die-hard fans of AFDT’s pro makeup line, along with most other WFTV talent. Martie and Vanessa are die-hard fans of AFDT’s pro makeup line, along with most other WFTV talent.

Orlando Production Makeup Artist with WFTV Brian ShiledsBrian Shields is always a good sport about getting powdered! He knows the importance of color-correction when he is delivering severe weather alerts.

And, finally, here’s the WFTV Severe Weather Center 9 huddled for a group shot with Kari.

If you have any HDTV production needs, give us a call!  We’d love to help!

Make the Most of Your Bridal Beauty Experience

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Do you want to make the most of your wedding day bridal beauty experience? Here is how you get your hair to look great & your makeup to last all day!

Kari Larsen Bridal Hair Orlando

Like any special occasion, when you are the center of attention & all eyes are on you, you want to look your absolute best! Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. So, what can you do to prepare yourself ahead of time to ensure that your hairstyle will turn out the way you want? And, what can you do ahead of time to make sure your skin will look radiant & your make up will look flawless & last all day? These questions & more will be answered if you are willing to take the advice of a professional hair stylist and makeup artist who knows the bridal beauty “tricks of the trade.”

Gina Schmidt Makeup Artist

First things first, ask around & find out from other people who they used for their wedding hair & makeup. Ask your coordinator or someone who is in the wedding business whom they would refer? Then, call that person or company. If you find that one is referred more than any other, it is probably because they are a solid bet. Don’t let price hold you back from booking ~ the way you look in your photos are memories that will last a lifetime. Finally, no matter who you choose, make sure to get a contract guaranteeing services for your wedding date!

Next, if it is in your budget, have a trial run on both your hair & your makeup.  This way, both you & the stylist will know what to expect on the wedding day. Make sure to have pictures of styles that you like so you can show the stylist. Please be aware that most, if not all reputable companies, charge for this service.  You can expect to spend around 2 hours with your stylist achieving your bridal look.  This will provide you incredible peace of mind on your wedding day. It really is a small price to pay for confidence in your stylist for such an important occasion.  With one less thing to worry yourself over, you will want to spend the extra money to have this done & get all the “maybe” ideas out of the way!

Beach Wedding Dresses

Finally, really listen to the stylist’s advice in regards to what you need to do on or before the day of the wedding to prepare yourself for hair & makeup.  If you want everything to go smoothly, then let the stylist guide you on what will work best in regards to your hair prep, skin prep, as well as timing.  Remember, your stylist is a professional & will things take things you haven’t even thought of into consideration. The person you hire will want you to have the best experience you can have on the most important day of your life!


So, my suggestion is, if you want to make the most out of your lace front hair wig styling experience & have long lasting make up for your wedding, then follow the advice of someone who knows better than anyone else, a professional hairstylist & makeup artist whose expertise lies in the area of “bridal beauty.”

Love & Lip Gloss,

Kari Larsen

Founder/Co-owner AFDT

Bridal Makeup Foundation


Beautiful makeup and bridal beauty begin with beautiful skin!

simple wedding bridal gowns

Portrait by John Unrue

When a client comes to me for her bridal makeup trial run, I can really study what her skin is like and provide advice on how to best prepare for her special day. For your wedding makeup to apply smoothly, there has to be a good foundation for your foundation!

Here are a few simple steps that make a big difference:

  • Exfoliate ~ You can use a simple apricot scrub to get rid of dead cells on the surface of your skin. Also, when you get out of a hot, steamy shower, the heat has opened your pores a bit. This is the perfect opportunity to use your towel (as soon as you get out) to slough off any additional dead skin as you dry your face. It will make your face as soft as a baby’s bottom and provide a smooth surface for your bridal makeup!
  • Moisturize ~ Using a daytime and nighttime moisturizer is one of the most basic things you can do to  keep your skin plump and youthful looking. For your wedding day, make sure there is NO sunscreen (SPF) in it though. Why? When that flash goes off, it will reflect light and make your face look lighter than the rest of your body. We recommend and carry Embryollise in our studio  They are a 60 yr old, natural, pharmaceutical French brand that is often referred to as a “makeup artist’s secret”. Lait-Creme’ Concentre’ Nourishing Moisturizer ~ their most popular product ~ can be used both morning and night as well as on-camera under bridal makeup (there’s no SPF). Quickly relieves dehydrated skin & minimizes the appearance of lines, leaving a radiant and dewy complexion!

  • Brows ~ For your eye makeup to look perfect make sure those brows are groomed and there are no stray hairs. Never tweeze, wax, or thread the day of your ceremony. It’s always best to take care of this several days before. Besides possible redness or rash, waxing can prevent eye shadow from sticking to the skin.

Let me know how I can help you achieve flawless bridal makeup!

Love & Lip gloss,

Kalie ~ Bridal Department Coordinator

Four Seasons Orlando Weddings

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Field Report by Kalie Drake, Bridal Department Coordinator

Four Seasons Orlando Weddings

Four Seasons Orlando Weddings

When I was asked by one of our favorite photographers, Victoria Angela Photography, to beautify a model for an upcoming photo shoot, of course I said YES! That was even before I learned how special this session would be – a luxury hotel that’s still under construction, with only 2 finished floors?! Pretty cool to be able to say we did hair and make up for the first bridal shoot that had ever taken place at this amazing location, the FOUR SEASONS RESORT ORLANDO AT WALT DISNEY WORLD®.

Victoria Angela Photography

The model, Takara Pate, met me at our Winter Park studio for hair and makeup and then we headed to the hotel.

buy wedding guest dresses shop

That’s when I learned that everyone who came onto the construction site had to wear a hard hat.

I admit I freaked out just a little – haha, a hard hat on my bride’s perfect updo?! I knew I could fix her hair if need be but I thought “oh no!”. Takara and I came up with a plan – she and I took turns holding the hat very gently over her head. But, wooh!  We didn’t mess up the hair. Not a perfectly finished strand out of place.A great team was assembled and off we went to the site.

Four Season Orlando Preferred Vendor Bridal Hair and Makeup

Hard hat hair

When we arrived, we had to put on construction boots…which was a good thing because later I heard a scraping noise coming from my boot and I had stepped straight on a nail. The boots saved my butt! Or foot, I mean. Rounding out the look was a neon construction vest and hard hat. Stylish!

Four Seasons Orlando Resort room

It was neat to see the rooms before they were furnished – so, so pretty with a great mix of modern and cozy, hues of yellow and blue throughout, mosaics on the walls, and light fixtures with hanging glass pebbles.

When I walked on to the balcony and looked out, it didn’t even feel like I was in Florida. Maybe more like North Carolina or something.

The design is so beautiful and subtly different from the other nearby hotels. This is the first “non-Disney” hotel to become a part of the Walt Disney World Resort!

Four Seasons Orlando Resort

The look I did on our bride was very timeless, classic and sophisticated (much like the setting). She had chin length hair, but I was able to do an up-do! A lot of people think if they have short hair, an up-do is just not possible. Oh, it’s possible alright and at great heights! Her makeup was very classic, eyes not too dramatic but just enough to make them pop. I finished the look with a bright plum-pink on her lip. The finished look was much like a blonde Audrey Hepburn.

selena gomez dressFour Seasons Orlando Resort Wedding

If you are planning an Orlando destination wedding, the brand new Four Season Orlando (and About Face Design Team) should be top of your list!

Kalie Drake Lead Stylist AFDTSend me an email kalie@aboutfacedesignteam.com and tell me what look you are thinking of for your wedding. AFDT can reserve your date up to a year in advance! I’d love to help make your wedding dreams come true.

Love and lip gloss,

Kalie/Bridal Department Coordinator

Shootout America SPI Convention

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Shootout America SPI Convention is a unique event that is held annually. This year, Shootout America was held at a Walt Disney World hotel property, in our own hometown of Orlando. Running from January 28th to February 1st, this four day experience was packed with all the learning opportunities a photographer could ask for!

Shootout America

Experts from all over the United States put on workshops and seminars designed to help participants set themselves apart from the masses. Many of the workshops at Shootout America are driven by hands-on experiences. Photographers immediately use their new knowledge to shoot amazing photos of stunning models. We had the privilege of doing hair and makeup for this exciting event. It was very rewarding to work with all the impressive talent. Our team of master stylists collaborated with beautiful models and skilled photographers to create some beautiful photos.

Take a look!

celebrity style wigs

Highschool Photography

Photos by Paulo Jordao http://www.4everproductions.com


Photo by Michael Mowbray http://michaelmowbray.com


Photo by Yvette Gioia http://gioiaphotography.com

Want more? Take a look at some behind the scenes action from Shootout America.

*Video provided by the talented Yvette Gioia (http://gioiaphotography.com)